Wheelyboat News

Overwater Wheelyboat Services receives Award from the Local Co-op Community Fund

In June 2019, Overwater Wheelyboat Services submitted  a funding application to the Co-op Local Community Fund This was in order to purchase a mobile, seat storage facility for the Wheelybus, to make the whole process of varying the internal layout of the ‘Bus, far easier and straightforward for our Volunteers.

The application was successful and between 27th October 2019 and 24th October 2020, OWS has been one of three local Charities to benefit from Customer donations through the Audlem Branch of The Co-operative Food.

In April 2020, OWS received an initial grant of £638.48p and this month a further amount of £1,207.46p has been received, taking the total grant to £1,845.94p.

As a result of these donations, an enclosed trailer has been purchased which has been fitted-out internally to accommodate any seats not being used in the ‘Bus and provided with additional, improved towing and security provisions.  Although Wheelybus operations have been somewhat limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the new arrangements have already proved to be a success and will be a real asset to future operations.

Overwater Wheelybus Services would like to express sincere thanks to the Co-op Local Community Fund, the Staff at the Audlem Co-op Food Branch and their Customers, for all of the generous support and encouragement received.